End of an Era

Dear BioBlitzers, I am stepping down from organizing BioBlitz! OK events.  I have had an amazing time organizing BioBlitz! OK since 2008.  I have loved working with our experts to provide fun and educational programs for our community scientists.  However, I have decided to shift my focus from outreach and devote more time to pollinator research,Continue reading “End of an Era”

Using Budburst

Similar to iNaturalist and eBird, Budburst is a citizen science platform designed to connect researchers with members of communities interested in contributing to ongoing phenology projects. If you’re interested in contributing to phenology research during the month of April for spring BioBlitz!, you can join our 2022 Redbud Buddies Budburst group and make observations onContinue reading “Using Budburst”

First in Webinar Series

This month we will begin our webinar series with an brief introduction to the ecoregions of Oklahoma. Officially, Oklahoma has 12 ecoregions that includes the alligator and palmetto habitat of the Gulf Coastal Plain in southeastern Oklahoma to ponderosa pines and pronghorn habitat in the mesalands of the panhandle. Join us on Tuesday February 22ndContinue reading “First in Webinar Series”

Stats for Winter BioBlitz! OK 2022

Our first winter inventory is Complete! Our first winter inventory was a success!   We had several firsts during this winter week of BioBlitz! OK.  Our first BioBlitz! with snow on the ground!  Our first BioBlitz! that terrestrial invertebrates didn’t blow away the competition.  In fact, BioBlitzers saw more birds than invert – 112 species!  WeContinue reading “Stats for Winter BioBlitz! OK 2022”

Introducing the stars of the 2022 Winter Biodiversity art…

Lichens Lichens are a diverse and dynamic kind of fungi that exists in symbiosis photosynthetic algae cells. This unique symbiosis makes lichen persistent in almost all habitats and some lichens proficient at growing on man-made structures and materials. Winter is a great time to spot lichens standing out among the brown landscape. If you areContinue reading “Introducing the stars of the 2022 Winter Biodiversity art…”

Winter Camp Weekend Schedule

The BioBlitz! Winter Camp Weekend schedule is coming together! We have the following activities planned: Bird walks by Mark Howery Lichen ecology and identification by Sheila Strawn Animal signs and tracking with Nick Czaplewski Overwintering invertebrates with Vonceil Harmon Nature journaling sessions with Priscilla Crawford Winter tree and plant identification by Amy Buthod, Lynn Michael,Continue reading “Winter Camp Weekend Schedule”