Stats for Winter BioBlitz! OK 2022

Our first winter inventory is Complete!

Our first winter inventory was a success!   We had several firsts during this winter week of BioBlitz! OK.  Our first BioBlitz! with snow on the ground!  Our first BioBlitz! that terrestrial invertebrates didn’t blow away the competition.  In fact, BioBlitzers saw more birds than invert – 112 species!  We also had the first BioBlitz! records of several winter resident birds – such as the Common Loon, Dark-eyed Junco, and Lapland Longspur. 

You veteran BioBlitzers know the inventory numbers can continue to change as records get verified by experts, but our numbers as of Monday Feb 7 are:
222 BioBlitzers made
2394 iNaturalist observations and submitted
98 eBird checklists to record
513 species!

Check out all the iNaturalist stats!

Published by Priscilla Crawford

A conservation biologist. I work to help people appreciate and protect the natural beauty and rare species of our diverse state.

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