The Oklahoma Biodiversity Network will build personal connections and virtual infrastructure needed for collaborative research and public engagement in biological conservation throughout the state of Oklahoma.

We propose that the Oklahoma Biodiversity Network bring together biologists – professionals,  students, and knowledgeable amateurs – to establish priorities and identify projects that can be accomplished among the network members.


  1. Advocate for continued research on biodiversity and conservation issues within the state of Oklahoma.
  2. Foster collaborations across Oklahoma among the colleges and universities, federal and state agencies, non-profit societies and organizations, and the public.
  3. Encourage data sharing by providing a central repository for information.
  4. Promote projects that lead the public to a better understanding of Oklahoma’s biodiversity and its importance.

H.O.P.E. Day 2016

Questions about the OBN can be sent to the Steering Committee via Priscilla Crawford, prill@ou.edu.