Using Budburst

Similar to iNaturalist and eBird, Budburst is a citizen science platform designed to connect researchers with members of communities interested in contributing to ongoing phenology projects. If you’re interested in contributing to phenology research during the month of April for spring BioBlitz!, you can join our 2022 Redbud Buddies Budburst group and make observations on the Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis).

How to participate:
Step 1.

Sign up for an account at or using the Budburst app.

Step 2.

Fill out this survey with your information regarding your budburst account to be invited into the 2022 Redbud Buddies group on Budburst.

Step 3.

Begin making observations!

Take close up photographs of branches, buds, flowers, developing leaves, and developing fruits. We encourage you to take photos throughout the whole month of April so that we can see the change over time. 

Please watch our 2022 Phenology and Climate Change webinar for more detailed instructions on how to create and upload an observation.

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