Introducing the stars of the 2022 Winter Biodiversity art…

Lichens Lichens are a diverse and dynamic kind of fungi that exists in symbiosis photosynthetic algae cells. This unique symbiosis makes lichen persistent in almost all habitats and some lichens proficient at growing on man-made structures and materials. Winter is a great time to spot lichens standing out among the brown landscape. If you areContinue reading “Introducing the stars of the 2022 Winter Biodiversity art…”

Winter Camp Weekend Schedule

The BioBlitz! Winter Camp Weekend schedule is coming together! We have the following activities planned: Bird walks by Mark Howery Lichen ecology and identification by Sheila Strawn Animal signs and tracking with Nick Czaplewski Overwintering invertebrates with Vonceil Harmon Nature journaling sessions with Priscilla Crawford Winter tree and plant identification by Amy Buthod, Lynn Michael,Continue reading “Winter Camp Weekend Schedule”