End of an Era

Dear BioBlitzers, I am stepping down from organizing BioBlitz! OK events.  I have had an amazing time organizing BioBlitz! OK since 2008.  I have loved working with our experts to provide fun and educational programs for our community scientists.  However, I have decided to shift my focus from outreach and devote more time to pollinator research,Continue reading “End of an Era”

Using Budburst

Similar to iNaturalist and eBird, Budburst is a citizen science platform designed to connect researchers with members of communities interested in contributing to ongoing phenology projects. If you’re interested in contributing to phenology research during the month of April for spring BioBlitz!, you can join our 2022 Redbud Buddies Budburst group and make observations onContinue reading “Using Budburst”

Join the Year Long Challenge!

BioBlitz! OK 2022 is going to have four seasonal inventories: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. We will recognize the effort of our dedicated BioBlitzers who contribute to each seasonal inventory! So, we will be offering the BioBlitz! OK Superior Community Scientist Award to BioBlitzers who submit at least 20 different species observations in iNaturalist andContinue reading “Join the Year Long Challenge!”

Project FeederWatch

This is my (Priscilla’s) favorite Community Science project! I have participated for over 10 years and these low-key observations of the birds in my backyard have really helped me and my family learn what birds we have in central Norman, which features attract a diversity of birds, observe bird behavior, and even get to knowContinue reading “Project FeederWatch”