Project FeederWatch

This is my (Priscilla’s) favorite Community Science project! I have participated for over 10 years and these low-key observations of the birds in my backyard have really helped me and my family learn what birds we have in central Norman, which features attract a diversity of birds, observe bird behavior, and even get to know the personalities of individual birds that visit regularly!

This is a great project for those of you who want to learn the birds in your neighborhood, especially home school families! You don’t need to know the birds before you begin.

The Project FeederWatch season is November through April, but your observation schedule is flexible and totally up to you. I have been filling my feeders and keeping my bird bath clean and full of water in preparation for November 13th – the first day of observations for this year! But don’t worry if you can’t start now, you can start anytime during the fall and winter.

For a modest fee ($18), you get a poster to help you identify the common birds in your region, online access to Living Bird magazine, and a free smart phone app to easily submit your observations.

You also may have the “good fortune” of observing other types of wildlife during Project FeederWatch!

Published by Priscilla Crawford

A conservation biologist. I work to help people appreciate and protect the natural beauty and rare species of our diverse state.

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