Project FeederWatch

This is my (Priscilla’s) favorite Community Science project! I have participated for over 10 years and these low-key observations of the birds in my backyard have really helped me and my family learn what birds we have in central Norman, which features attract a diversity of birds, observe bird behavior, and even get to knowContinue reading “Project FeederWatch”

New Downloadable Activities for Fall!

Check out our fall activities that you can download and do at home or at your local park. Grab a friend and head outside to explore! We have a BINGO style scavenger hunt sheet focusing on the organisms you can see in fall. And get a little artsy with the leaf rubbing activity!

A new look for a new year!

Welcome to our new website! We are excited to share all of our upcoming BioBlitz! OK information on this new platform. We will also be adding more biodiversity content that isn’t strictly a BioBlitz! event. So, we have expanded our scope and renamed our website “Oklahoma’s BioDiveristy Learning Center.” Be sure to subscribe to ourContinue reading “A new look for a new year!”