Calendar of Events


We will be adding events as they get scheduled! Hope you can join us to learn about and celebrate Oklahoma’s biodiveristy!

  • Holiday: International Day for Biological Diversity, 22
  • Webinar: Can We Grow Crops and Monarchs? Risks and Benefits of Monarch Habitat in Agricultural Landscapes, 24, more info
  • Field Event: Bird Breeding Tour, 4, more info
  • Summer BioBlitz! OK, 17-24
  • Pollinator Week, 20-26

You can find an extensive calendar of environmental events at the Environmentor website.

Previous Webinars and links to other organizations’ resources can be found here.

Past Events

  • Fall BioBlitz! OK 2021, Oct 1-3
  • Tenkiller State Park Loon & Eagle Watches, Jan 22, 29, more info
  • Stillwater Blue Thumb Training, Jan 29-30, more info
  • Winter BioBlitz! OK 2022, Jan 28-Feb 4
  • Doug Tallamy: Nature’s Best Hope, Feb 4, 5, more info
  • BioBlitz! OK Speaker Series, Feb 15, more info
  • Increasing Community Resilience to Extreme Weather and Environmental Hazards, Feb 15, more info
  • Tribal Alliance for Pollinators, Feb 16, more info
  • Great Backyard Bird Count, Feb 18-21, more info
  • Annual Eagle and Raptor Rally, Feb 19, more info
  • Tribal Alliance for Pollinators: An Innovative Model for Conservation Collaboration, Feb 22, more info
  • Health & Climate, Feb 22, more info
  • Ecoregions of Oklahoma, Feb 22
  • Native Bees and How to Identify Them, Feb 24, more info
  • Oklahoma Herpetological Society Conference, Feb 26, more info
  • Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts State Meeting, Feb 27, more info
  • Climate Change and Invasive Species, March 1, more info
  • Oklahoma Local Agriculture Summit, March 1-3, more info
  • Best Practices for Pollinators, March 1-3, more info
  • Protect the Uninfested West from Aquatic Invasive Species, March 2, more info
  • Pacific Green Crab Management, March 3, more info
  • World Wildlife Day, March 3
  • Firewood Rules, Certifications, and Recommendations across the USA, March 4, more info
  • Preparing for Spring Birding, March 8, more info
  • Firewood Rules, Certifications, and Recommendations across the USA, March 4, more info
  • Preparing for Spring Birding, March 8, more info
  • Ask an Ornithologist, March 15, more info
  • Great Grow Along: March 11-20, more info
  • International Day of Forests, March 21
  • Roadsides as Habitat for Monarchs: A Great Opportunity or a Salty Death Trap? March 22, more info
  • Wild Ones: Weed Ordinances, March 23, more info
  • Phenology and Climate Change, March 23, more info
  • Spring Native Bee Walk, April 23, more info
  • Monarchs and Milkweeds, April 23, more info
  • Bird Migration Tour, 29-30, more info
  • Spring BioBlitz! OK, April 22-29
  • Western Monarch Update: Population and Seasonal Windows of Opportunity for Monarchs in California, April 26, more info
  • Bird Migration Tour, May 6-7, more info

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