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Questions about becoming a Certified Oklahoma Biodiversity Steward? Email or call us!

As you complete requirements for your certification, submit them using this online form!

When you have completed a majority of your requirements and you feel ready, send us a short email describing your final project ideas. Please don’t begin work on the project until you hear back from us!

Certification Requirements

Participate in each seasonal week-long BioBlitz! OK. For each season:

  • Make “research grade” observations of at least 20 species in iNaturalist
  • Submit one eBird checklist of at least 10 species

If one of the BioBlitz! weeks is missed, we can work with the trainee to find an alternative requirement.

Attend or watch at least six Biodiversity Learning Center webinars. Tentative list of topics for 2022:

  • Ecoregions of Oklahoma
  • Phenology & Climate Change
  • Human Diversity & Environmental Justice
  • Plant Identification & Learning Common Plant Families
  • Invasive Species in Oklahoma

Attend or watch two webinars hosted by other wildlife, conservation, or nature organizations (see list below).

Attend two BioDiversity Learning Center field days (includes BioBlitz! OK events).
Tentatively planned for 2022:

  • BioBlitz! OK Winter Camp Weekend -January
  • Biodiversity Restoration Projects at the OU Biological Station, Lake Texoma -May
  • Pollinator Habitat Projects, Norman -June
  • Ok Natural Areas Registry site tour, near Ponca City -late summer
  • Seed Collecting for the Oklahoma Restoration Seed Library, various locations -fall and winter

Attend two field days or events held by other wildlife, conservation, or nature organizations (see list below).

Volunteer for one service project with the BioDiversity Learning Center or other organization.
This can be any variety of volunteer opportunities.

Participate in another Community (Citizen) Science Project related to biodiversity.
Suggested projects include, but are not limited to:

Some of the organizations in Oklahoma that provide learning opportunities, field trips, technical trainings, webinars, or other events:

There are also many local organizations, nature centers, and clubs that provide opportunities!

You can find an extensive calendar of environmental events at the Environmentor website.

Final Project

Project ideas should be submitted before completion to be sure they meet the intended principles of the program.

Choose at least two of the following:

  • Write an article for the blog (500-1000 words)
  • Record a podcast (15-30 minutes)
  • Make a video (15-30 minutes)
  • Create a downloadable biodiversity activity
  • Develop outreach materials to support biodiversity education
  • Take over social media for a week, posting daily about biodiversity topic
  • Organize and lead an educational walk or field trip at a natural area (1-2 hours)
  • Develop a presentation for the Oklahoma BioDiversity Learning Center webinar series (45 minutes)
  • … or a project of your choosing, approved by program staff

Events and volunteer opportunities will be promoted through the BioDiversity Stewards Facebook group.

You should not have any difficulty finding many events that meet the requirements of the program.

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