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Are you interested in collaborating with experts across Oklahoma to tackle some of the most pressing biological conservation issues in the state?  The Oklahoma Biodiversity Network will be a forum for biologists to discuss ideas for research, education, and public engagement.  The OBN will provide a means for biologists to team up to accomplish state-wide projects.

Network membership is open to all biologists working on biodiversity and biological conservation issues within Oklahoma. We encourage participation from biologists from academic institutions, government agencies, NGOs, and the public.

Start Collaborating with Biologists Across the State!

Communication among members is the most important component of an active network.  To facilitate communications we have established a group in Slack.  Slack is a platform for team communication and collaboration.  You can use the website interface or get an app for your smart phone.  Slack allows you to message other members, join subgroups related to topics of interest to you, share pictures and documents, and search the content for key words.  You make customized notifications to see new posts on topics that are important to you.

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Annual Forum

The annual Biodiversity Forum brings together biologists from across the state to discuss some of the most important biodiversity issues facing our state.  Held in late winter, this meeting is for all people working to study and protect biodiversity in the state.

Learn more about past and upcoming Forums

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We are building a database of expertise within the network.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the short questionnaire.