H.O.P.E. Day 2016

Hands-On Projects for the Environment

HopeSignUpButtonOklahoma Biodiversity Network, BioBlitz! Oklahoma, and Selman Living Lab are joining forces to help clean-up and begin repairs at the Selman Living Lab after wildfires burned through the area in early April.

12977086_10154077429528899_6880942087128701135_oThe Selman Living Lab (SLL) is the field station for the University of Central Oklahoma’s Biology Department and represents a wide array of natural environments in the mixed grass ecoregion of northwestern Oklahoma.  Habitats include large bat caves, gypsum outcrops, and native prairie.  Biologists from across Oklahoma are welcome to use this site for teaching and research. The SLL is recognized as a Natural Heritage Area by the Oklahoma Biological Survey.The wildfire burned over 57,000 acres across Woodward County including the SLL headquarters area and research acreage.  Fences melted, survey markers destroyed, trenches dug, and soot and ash are everywhere!  See more pictures on the SLL Facebook page.12973114_10154077428913899_6857530269009466848_o

NEED:   60 Volunteers, age 5 and up, to begin clean-up and repairs

WHEN?  Saturday May 14th 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

WHERE?  Selman Living Lab, northern Woodward Co. (MAP)


  • will be given tasks that match their abilities
  • may camp onsite the night before and after the H.O.P.E. Day clean-up event
  • will be rewarded with a cook-out at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday

Attendees should:

  • bring your own lunch and water bottle
  • bring your own work or garden gloves
  • if you have one, please bring a shovel and garden rake (heavy kind for dirt, not leaves)
  • wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, including long pants, sturdy shoes, and a hat

Questions? contact H.O.P.E. Committee Chair, Priscilla Crawford, prill@ou.edu, 405-255-8106

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